Dhara IT has the expertise of consulting, developing and implementing e-marketing campaigns or promotions. We help our clients with Banner Advertising, incorporation of rich media, Link Exchange, Facebook Markup Language, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), affiliate and viral marketing. Our Web design services ensure a fine blend of creative designing and graphic art so that the objective of the website design being in line with client branding strategy is met and has a global appeal. Writing the right content and getting an optimal keyword density is a prime requirement. Our team is familiar with W2(3)C compliance and W2(3)C CSS Compliance. We enhance user experience with the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) to create desktop like applications. Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic process to enhance visibility on the internet. SEO requires strategic and regular changes that lead to incremental improvements. We start researching the needs of the target audience, follow up with analysis of competition and then optimize a website in compliance with search engine guidelines.

We discuss, design, develop and deploy your website. We also offer hosting solutions. Our creative's manager will discuss with you to create a creative brief, our design team will develop design components which will be reviewed and approved by you for our development team to create XHtml/css pages and for our UI specialists to create navigation and we deploy your website. Our Infrastructure management team can assist you find the best hosting solution and help you maintain your website. Our Web design services ensure a fine blend of creative designing and graphic art so that the objective of the website design being in line with client branding strategy is met and has a global appeal.

With a CMS, you can add, edit, update or change the web content and still keep administrative control of your website.
We help clients implement E-Commerce applications such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems

We do dedicated Consulting and services in Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Keyword Analysis, Linking Services, Non Reciprocal Link programs, Code Optimization, Affordable Content Writing, Monitoring and Reporting, Search Engine Marketing. Our online marketing services for search engines also provides a suite of online tools for optimizing and tracking your web site and reporting your results.
We provide cost effective marketing for search engine optimization. Our web based services provide the analytical internet marketing edge you need to stay one step ahead of the competition and properly optimize and track your sites search engine marketing rank and results. Our tools can be used to achieve higher rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The days of the keyword-rich article to increase search ranking and sales are over. Users have learned to distinguish between content for sales and content for interest. They want more authentic content that they can trust. The dawn of "I have been listening to you and have some very helpful feedback" has arrived. SEO is the new business intelligence. Dhara offers cutting edge services that will make your investments in SEO a game changer in your business by providing sensitive user and web traffic data that you can analyze overnight and gear up for the next day's business. Dhara has developed expertise to solve the missing element in most SEO efforts: the business analysis loop - to analyze the data in terms of its business significance, and build it in to business strategy.

Paid placement advertisements are strategically placed on search engine results pages and websites to generate traffic to a web site. The search placement service allows you to advertise your services on the Internet to those searching for keywords related to your business. Paid placement advertising campaigns offer several benefits including geographic and industry targeting, low fixed costs, 'pay as you go' model and the campaigns are spread over a period of time. Currently, this advertising method has the lowest cost for lead generation.

Dhara provides services that focus on making your campaigns effective and accurate:
  • Identifying the most effective keywords or key phrases
  • Selecting the target market or geography
  • Writing effective ads
  • Designing image ads
  • Designing and writing effective landing pages
  • Progress reporting and monitoring

Social media websites such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Squidoo have changed the way businesses and customers interact. Dhara, through its expertise with web applications and content development, can help establish your

    Engage with your customers social media presence and leverage it to:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build a community of loyal users
  • Highlight success stories
  • Effectively handle service issues

A good blog on your product on service managed by an expert employee, a market expert or your marketing department can help increase the awareness of your users through a medium that has few barriers. Blogging is a great way to market your company from a neutral platform. Blog design can facilitate a lot of functionality such as subscription options, twitter feeds and RSS that will enhance your social presence.

Dhara can help you create profitable customer relationships for your business by building marketing services, such as email campaigns, offer management as part of your web strategy. Campaign outcomes can be measured in detail for conversion rates to measure the efficacy of a campaign. Campaigns can be customized with specific customer data using databases that allow targeted mail to specific recipient groups, for example, by ZIP code, gender or income. Campaigns can be implemented and executed with only minimal software, hardware and personnel investments.

Analysis of how well your website is functioning is critical to evaluating your sales and marketing strategy. Metrics such as traffic analysis, website performance, search optimization and transactions offer considerable insight in to what customers want from your site. There are numerous tools to capture the metrics. Dhara can help deploy the tools and help you extract the maximum value out of them.