Xenium - A Scalable BI Platform

Xenium is a scalable Business Intelligence (BI) Platform designed to perform at any scale and quantity while ensuring easy portability and integration with diverse information systems.
Xenium incorporates best of breed technologies including powerful and scalable tools across varied technology components of ETL, Dashboards, Work Flow, Alerts, Custom Analysis/Reports, Report Designer and Scheduler for data transformation.

  • Features
    • Dashboards
    • Reports / Analysis
    • Report Designer
    • Xenium BI Alerts
    • Schedulers
    • Work Flow
    • ETL Scheduler
    • Export - Spread Sheet, PDF, JPEG and PNG
    • User Management
  • Advantages
    • Cost effective product solution
    • Very less production time
    • Scalable to BigData
    • No software licensing dependencies – No recurring cost except product fee
    • Loosely coupled Architecture – Can distribute load to multiple systems
    • Portable to any data (DB, Excel, CSV, XML, Webservices, etc.)
    • Cloud Portability

  • Dashboards
    Xenium dashboard is a business management tool used to visually depict the performance of an enterprise, a specific department or a key business operation. Like a vehicular dashboard, an effective business dashboard inspires action by sending clear, consistent, and highly relevant messages about your performance.
    The Xenium platform provides you pre-defined dashboards at enterprise level as well as custom designed dashboards.

    Reports / Analysis
    Xenium will provide you systematic examination and evaluation of data or information, by breaking it into its component parts(dimensions and measures) to uncover their interrelationships. It will assist to uncover and understand cause-effect relationships, thus providing basis for problem solving and decision making.
    Xenium can automate all the analytical templates of an organization and communicate time-to-time with targeted teams.

    Report Designer
    Business demands always new latest business data analysis for the new challenges in business management and operations.
    Xenium - Report Designer Tool allows you to perform ad hoc analysis on your own and the analysis can be stored as analytical report. This is a powerful tool to analyze business challenges on demanded time with new dimensions and measures.

    Business Intelligence Alerts
    Business Intelligence(BI) Alerts are Critical Business Information Alerts which demands for some of the actions needed by the organization immediately or timely.
    Xenium BI Alert (Proactive Alert) is an automated message or notification sent via email (even in SMS) with report enclosed - triggered when a predefined event and conditions occur within a selected period.

    Xenium will allow users to create their own BI alerts on their analysis, on above enterprise pre-defined Business Intelligence Alerts.

    Xenium Analytic's Report Scheduler automates the process of sending business analytic's across teams to take necessary action time-to-time. It can create multiple schedules on one report across the enterprise or within departments.

  • Business Action Work Flow Management
    • Xenium's Business Action Workflow Management is a unique, powerful tool in business intelligence
    • You can create Business Action and assign to responsible user
    • "Complete By Date" tracking and alerts the users on pending business actions
    • Business Action can be closed with review dates
    • Completed business actions discussion threads will be stored as knowledge base
  • ETL Scheduler - Data Transformation
    Xenium uses a state of art developed tool for data scheduling for data porting. Application allows users to schedule data transform jobs. User data accepted in any known format (Excel, CSV, Database, RSS, Webservices, XML, etc.)

    Spread Sheet, PDF, JPEG and PNG
    Export any analytical report to defined formats (Spreadsheet, PDF, JPEG and PNG)

    User Management
    Xenium leverages LDAP architecture to assign roles and responsibilities to users. It is scalable for multi-domain and multi-department.

Xenium - A Scalable BI Platform